Counting Macros

5 of the Best Macro Calculator Apps

By Ted KallmyerUpdated May 10, 2023

Looking for some good calculator apps to figure out your macronutrient ratios?

After trying dozens of online macro calculator apps it became clear that VERY FEW are original. Most are copies of copies.

The following macro calculator applications are the best – carefully designed and coded:

Top Five Macro Calculator Apps (web-based)

1. Macro Calculator (

Easy-to-use and offering quick results, while still retaining accuracy. This calculator forms the basis of a very successful macro coaching business. A Keto Macro Calculator is also available.

See the calculator…

2. Macro Calculator (Legion Athletics)

This calculator has more options so takes a bit more thinking. It is possible to select different dietary regimes.

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3. Freedieting Nutrient Calculator

This calculator will calculate macronutrients per day or meal based on various diet regimes. You will need to enter a daily calorie amount.

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4. Macro Calculator (Katy Hearn Fit)

Another popular macro calculator that covers the basics. Lacks maintenance or meal-based macros.

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5. Nutrition Calculator (Precision Nutrition)

The most advanced calculator – this will require some time to fill in the extensive options. This is the most technical and precise calculator.

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Can I calculate my own macros?

Yes you can.

If you really want to do your own calculations – read the guide to counting macros. Note that there is a bit of math involved.

Are macro calculators accurate?

No calculator can be 100% accurate as there are many variables that govern our unique metabolism.

This is why many of the best sites offer macro coaching where one-on-one assistance will increase accuracy.

Why are results different even though I enter the same stats?

Different macro calculator apps may show different results. This is because formulas have been tweaked slightly – often due to real feedback from clients.

What is the most accurate calculator?

The best calculators are based on standard formulas for calculating BMR, REE, and TDEE.

However some adjustment comes in the form of your activity level. Different calculators may apply different multipliers.

We stand by our own macro calculator as it has formed the basis of excellent results from many hundreds of clients.

Getting more precise macros

If you want a more precise calculation, you can have metabolic testingdone by a certified testing facility. This is expensive and is generally not covered by insurance.

Rest assured, most people can use estimations to accomplish their fitness goals without the need for costly metabolic testing.

If none of the macro calculator app formulas are working for you (give it a few months), try metabolic testing. You could also take a metabolic panel blood test to find other reasons why your metabolism is slow.

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