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How Jocelyn Lost 70lbs Eating Clean

By Ted KallmyerUpdated June 29, 2022

I came across Jocelyn’s transformation while on Instagram.

In a world full of quick fixes and “miracle transformations”, Jocelyn is a voice of positive realism.

She believes that you can achieve your dream physique, you just have to work your butt off (pun intended…).

She’s not just an advocate for healthy eating but healthy living and, with almost 50,000 Instagram followers, it seems her message is resonating with others.

Below she answers our questions on her transformation journey.

Why did you decide to transform your body?

I’m currently pursuing a nursing career and, as a prerequisite, I was required to obtain my BNA certification. Doing so, I had clinicals at different hospitals and nursing homes.

After serious observation, I noticed most of the patients that were seriously ill were also obese. It was no secret to me obesity led to disease, but it was so impacting to see it right before my eyes.

I came to tears one day when I pictured myself in their position. I finished my certification on May 5th. I made the best decision of my life and signed up at a gym May 10th.

What was the diet plan or strategy that guided your transformation?

I went to a nutritionist with high hopes of receiving information and guided assistance on how I could transform my body. Sadly, I walked out with a piece of paper that had a plate drawn on it explaining portions.

After wasting my money, I realized it was not enough. I began to read books, articles, and magazines. I followed blogs and youtube channels.

I did my research and noticed they all had something in common: Clean Eating.

I then learned how to prepare balanced meals that would keep me satisfied and energized.

Did exercise play any role in your transformation? If so, What?

Exercise played a major role in my transformation. In the beginning, I was so out of shape and became easily fatigued. I went searching for information about what might work for me.

From there I learned how to implement:

Despite the variety of exercises I introduced to my body, I found my passion in the weight room.

Jocelyn Before and After Clean Eating

BEFORE: 209lbs – 38% body fat AFTER: 138lbs – 23% body fat

Did you find you became obsessed with food or felt like the diet was taking over your life? How did you deal with that?

Not at all. I actually eat more now than before I lost weight!

It’s all about moderation and knowing how your body functions. If I want a cookie, I eat a cookie. The difference here is I eat one cookie and not the whole pack – like we’ve all been guilty of doing at one point.

I remain flexible to remind myself this is a lifestyle. I refuse to imprison my body under a crazy diet and stress myself out.

What’s one mistake you made during your transformation?

My biggest mistake was not taking rest days. I worked out 7 days a week, about 2-4 hours a day (Sometimes broken up into two sessions morning/evening).

I began to injure myself and everything hurt – Everything from sore muscles to aching joints

Now I rest two days a week and continue to train hard 5 days a week.

What Aspect of your journey has challenged you the most?

Giving up social time! I’m a full-time student and employee. It was difficult to replace the time I was used to spending with friends with the gym.

I learned to love it and now I’ve actually created a more supportive circle of people I interact with at the gym.


Some of Jocelyn’s typical meals

What are your future plans with health and fitness?

As I previously mentioned, I am pursing a career in nursing. My passion for fitness is so great that I went after a training certificate. I now offer fitness plans that are affordable and easy to follow for the average man or woman that needs help.

There are too many scams out there that fool people into thinking there’s a quick fix available for them to change their bodies. I hope to be able to truly shine some light on what a transformation requires.

I will continue to try my best to set an example and provide a little bit of hope to those that are chasing their fitness goals.

 What advice would you give to others aspiring to change their body?

The best advice I give everyone is to be patient.

I understand it can be very frustrating and you’ll want to give up. But, give your body the time to get adjusted to the new changes and then wait for feedback.

It’s all a matter of trial and error.

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Disclaimer: Your results may vary and Jocelyn’s were largely due to her dedication and adherence to her calorie/macro protocols.

Ted Kallmyer is an ISSA certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, author, and macros coach. He has helped hundreds of clients reach their body transformation goals.


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  • jeanette

    This so awesome you are my inspiration to get my life back thank you for sharing ur journey.

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    Jocelyn, that’s awesome! I was wondering if you noticed the difference in your hunger level when you started eating more whole foods and less processed things. For me, when I started eating almost all “real” foods, I barely ever felt hungry between meals anymore. I was just wondering if you had the same experience.

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    Jocelyn, what’s your advice to someone who is embarrassed to lift weights in front of all the guys at the gym? And as for your fitness plan, what if someone doesn’t understand or know what the weight lifting exercises are?

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    Good thing I asked you though. Super excited tl start!!! Thank you so much!

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