The Flexible Dieting Solution

Stop starving and start eating again. Learn how to count macros and say goodbye to banned foods and off-limit food groups while getting the body you want.

More than 10 lbs to lose?


Use the Fat Loss edition.

Less than 10 lbs to lose?


Use the Muscle Gain edition.


Ten days of sample meal plans, including macros per meal.


Loads of helpful answers not found online.


Step-by-step instructions to calculate your personalized macros.


Learn the secrets of painlessly tracking your food intake and counting your macros.


Quick mouthwatering recipes that anyone can cook complete with macros.


A no-nonsense workout guide that works.


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Available as a downloadable 130+ page book. Can be viewed on your favorite device (computer, phone, iBooks, Kindle, and more).

What You’ll Find

130+ pages packed with the most successful techniques for achieving transformation.
  • Chapter 1: Flexible Dieting Basics
    Why the flexible dieting philosophy is different to most restrictive diets.
  • Chapter 2: Calculate Your Macros
    Learn how to tweak and adapt your food intake for maximum results.
  • Chapter 3: Measuring and Tracking Your Food
    How to overcome the hurdles of tracking your food intake and counting macros. Whether eating in or out, find out how to stay on top.
  • Chapter 4: Using MyFitnessPal
    Inside secrets of using the most popular apps to help reach your goals.
  • Chapter 5: Flexible Dieting Meal Plans
    10 days worth of meal plans targeted to the flexible dieter.
  • Chapter 6: 25+ Mouthwatering Recipes
    Original recipes, designed and tested in our kitchen – complete with macro info.
  • Chapter 7: Exercise Plan
    A foolproof workout plan that will bring results.
  • Chapter 8: Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges
    How to get over common pitfalls with counting macros in order to achieve success.
  • Chapter 9: Answering the Tough Questions
    Gleaned from hundreds of other flexible dieters, answers to the most burning questions.
MacroFoodListCoverThumbBONUS #1
100+ macro food list.
Macros at a glance diagram.
Free with our Premium version.
fastfoodguidethumb2xBONUS #2
Healthy fast food guide.
14 macro friendly meals.
Free with our Premium version.

Awesome Results

“I purchased your Flexible Dieting Solution about 2 months ago and it has changed my life… I am down 8 pounds. I haven’t lost any muscle (thankfully). Instead, I lost some fat and have a nice amount of definition that I have never had before.”

-Trisha D.

“I wanted to reach back out to you and say that the advice you gave was spot on and I gained a ton of muscle.”

– Lindsay M

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“I’ve helped thousands of people successfully achieve their goals with my Flexible Dieting Solution and coaching. I’ve used IIFYM to transform my own body and have been researching and writing about this dieting trend since its inception. I’m passionate about helping people live healthier, and at the same time, achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.”


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The Science

Our flexible dieting solution is based on the scientifically established Mifflin, M. D., St Jeor formula for determining your REE and TDEE. It is also based on another respected article published in The Journal of the American Medical Association that supports the theory of no foods being forbidden as long as they don’t push you over your established TDEE.

  • Mifflin, M. D., St Jeor, S. T., Hill, L. A., Scott, B. J., Daugherty, S. A., & Koh, Y. O. (1990). A new predictive equation for resting energy expenditure in healthy individuals. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 51 (2), 241-247. The Full Study
  • Katan, M. B., & Ludwig, D. S. (2010). Extra calories cause weight gain—but how much?. Jama, 303(1), 65-66. The Article

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Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and are dependent on several factors, such as dedication to the prescribed protocol and accurately tracking food intake and counting macros.