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How to Use Protein Supplements With Macro Dieting
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The simplest solution to eating enough protein is to use a protein supplement in conjunction with flexible dieting IIFYM. Here's how to choose a good one.
10 Healthy Snacks for 200 Calories
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Are snacks your diet downfall? Try these 10 healthy snacks to save calories, increase nutrition, and feel satisfied between meals. Macro counts included.
Top 15 Healthy Carb, Protein, and Fat Rich Foods
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Here are 75 great food suggestions that are rich in healthy carbs, protein, and fat.
Kombucha: The Best and Worst Brands
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Kombucha is becoming a popular beverage choice. This article shows you how to pick a healthy fermented tea and compares twenty-two popular brands.
High Protein, Low Sugar Ice Cream: Halo Top
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Halo Top offers low sugar, low fat, high protein ice cream. I put six of their flavors to the test to see if it could be a tasty part of my flexible diet.
best coconut brands
Coconut Milk: Brands to Choose, Brands to Avoid
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Coconut milk can be a healthy cow's milk alternative but some brands should be avoided. Here are the ones to choose in both the carton and canned varieties.
how much fat to eat daily
Fats: What You Need and What to Avoid
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We teach you how much fat to eat daily and with each meal plus show you how to ensure you are eating a balance of healthy fats to promote optimal health.
Healthiest Fast Food Chicken Sandwich Guide for the Weary
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We identify the healthiest grilled chicken sandwiches at 8 popular fast food restaurants. We show how they compare nutritionally and which one is the best.
how many calories to eat
Have You Been Lied To About Counting Calories?
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What if a calorie is not a good measure of how much energy we obtain from food? The Fallacy of a Calorie actually challenges this widely accepted belief.
15 Macro Friendly Snacks: Healthy and About 150 Calories
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15 macro friendly snack ideas pictured in their measured amounts. All are about 150 calories and include macro amounts.