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plant based burger brands

The Best Plant-Based Burgers: Brands to Choose and Avoid

Here's how popular plant-based burger brands compare nutritionally and flavor-wise. Meatless burgers are rich in plant protein.

macro diet desserts and sweet treats

18 Macro Friendly Desserts and Sweet Treats

18 macro-friendly desserts and sweet treats that will prove helpful if you're following a macros diet and have sugar cravings.

clean air

Okaysou AirMax Review: Air Filtration and Better Overall Health

For optimal health we need a nutritious diet, clean water, movement, and clean air. I reviewed the Okaysou AirMax to see how it cleans the air in my home.

Dark Chocolate: The Best and Worst Brands

Dark Chocolate is regarded by many as an indulgent but healthy snack. Some brands are healthy, others should be avoided at all cost.