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Katie’s Transformation from 260+ lbs to Figure Competitor

By Ted KallmyerUpdated May 23, 2023

Losing weight is one thing. But going from overweight to competing in a figure competition is another thing altogether. It requires more grit, sweat, and focus then most of us could handle.

I came across Katie’s journey recently and could really relate to her story in many ways. For years I was an emotional eater and drinker. I used food as a way to cope with stress and the weight started packing on.

Below Katie shares how she overcame her adversity and achieved incredible transformation.

Why did you decide to transform your body?

In 2011, I walked away from a long-term relationship that was mentally and physically abusive. I moved back in with my parents and focused to improve myself, but fell into unhealthy habits like drinking and eating to cope with my emotions.

After making poor decisions, and learning from my mistakes, I surrounded myself with positive people and started working out.

I later met my boyfriend, Troy Guillory, who was training for his second bodybuilding competition. I realized it was time to change after going to Troy’s show and since I was so inspired, I decided to compete myself.

Troy coached people online and he also started me on a program.

What was the diet plan or strategy that guided your transformation?

Below is an example of my diet from when I was about half way through my transformation.

During the ten month process I did carb cycling, keto, low carb and changed my diet about every 4-6 weeks and then as I got closer to my show pulled carbs out of my diet.

Meal 1 4 oz Egg whites (3 oz egg whites)
2 Eggs
Meal 2 2 Scoop – Protein Shake
1.25 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
Meal 3 4.5 oz chicken
1 Cup broccoli
2 oz Cup nuts (cashews, almonds, etc)
Meal 4 4.5 oz chicken
1 Cup broccoli
2 oz Cup nuts (cashews, almonds, etc)
Meal 5 2 Scoop – Protein Shake
1.25 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
Meal 6 4-6 oz Fatty Protein ( dark meat chicken, beef, salmon)
1 Cup broccoli
BEFORE: 260+ lbs and 50% Bodyfat. AFTER: 143 lbs and 12% Bodyfat

BEFORE: 260+ lbs and 50% Bodyfat. AFTER: 143 lbs and 12% Bodyfat

What About Exercise?

Exercise most definitely helped. I did fasting, morning cardio, and sometimes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

I also lifted weights almost every night and then followed with more cardio afterwards.

Did you obsess with food, How’d you deal with that?

I’ve found for me, in order to live healthy, I do obsess a bit over food,  and I weigh out everything I eat.

Planning meals and prepping my food ahead of time is still key to my weekly routine and find it helps me maintain the life I want to live.

What’s one mistake you made during your transformation?

My biggest mistake is I lost sight of why I wanted to lose weight and did not fully enjoy the process.

By the time I competed, I was so burnt out and overwhelmed I wanted to give up. But I decided to put my goals on social media it helped me not give up.

I felt like if I quit I would have let down all the people I have inspired.

What Aspect of your journey has challenged you the most?

Dieting is very hard in our culture and almost everything revolves around food and drinking alcohol.

I used to drink regularly and through my journey I have realized I had a dependence on food and alcohol to cope with stress. Now, if I ever have issues, I usually journal or find something positive to do not revolved around food and alcohol.

This doesn’t mean I never cheat on my diet or drink I just plan and make sure I do it for myself not because something else is influencing me to eat and drink.

What are your future plans with health and fitness?

Right now my goals are to maintain and build muscle. I hope to compete in a figure competition in the future again.

I’m also hoping to eventually get my personal trainer certification and help other’s find their balance in living healthy and happy!

What advice would you give to others aspiring to change their body?

Find your own balance in life. Set goals, and make sure you have a mentor/ personal trainer/coach to help you stay in line with your goals.

Ultimately, remaining positive is the key and not focusing on the scale is crucial especially for women.

Disclaimer: Your results may vary and Katie’s were largely due to her dedication and adherence to her calorie/macro protocols.

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