Using MyMacros+ With Macro Dieting

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MyMacros+ can be a helpful app to use to keep track of your macros and calories when flexible dieting (IIFYM).

It’s a good alternative to MyFitnessPal, especially since MFP now limits customizations because of their somewhat pricey paid version.

In order to help you get started, I’ve put together this tutorial that will help you get everything set up on MyMacros+ so you can be quickly on your way to tracking your macros and achieving your IIFYM goals.

Using MyMacros+ with Flexible Dieting


First of all, MyMacros+ does not offer a “free” app version, so you’ll have to pay the $2.99 to download the app to your device.

They do have a free web-based version, but this tutorial will focus on the app alone.

Step One:

Download the MyMacro+ App from the Apple App Store.

Download it from Google Play.

Step Two:

You can choose to register for free to unlock a few more features or just use the app as is. (It works just fine without registering which I’m guessing comes along with marketing emails.)

mymacros+ set up

Step Three:

Add your macro goals. You can have an exercise day set and a sedentary set which is very useful.

1. Touch on the red gear in the upper right corner.
2. Touch on “Set Nutrition Goals”
3. Touch on “Add New Macro Goal”
4. Name your goal and enter your macros from our calculator, then touch save.
5. Repeat step 4 to add an additional goal such as “Rest Day”
6. Touch on “Done”.

setting macro goals in mymacros+

Step Four:

Enter your Body Weight.

1. Touch on “Body Weight” in the menu.
2. Enter your current weight in pounds or Kilogrammes.
3. MyMacros+ will ask to share and read data from your Apple Health Kit. (This is totally your call.)

At this stage, you are done the setup. If you wish to use a fluid approach to tracking your macros based on your exercise, you’ll have to purchase and download the companion app, MyWorkout+ for an additional $1.99.

This is good for those that have greatly varying degrees of daily exercise, but alternatively, you could just create additional macro goals for different days.

Tracking Food Intake with MyMacros+

Step One:

1. Touch the “Track Now” button on the home screen.
2. Search for the food or use the barcode scanner.
3. Adjust the serving size and select the meal you want it to fall under.

mymacros+ food tracking

Step Two:

1. On the home screen, you’ll now see the entry and your running totals for the day at the bottom.
2. Touch on the “i” symbol and it will display a more detailed summary of your progress so far for that day.

tracking macro goal progress

Tracking Workouts?

If you are using the fluid approach to tracking your macros in regards to exercise calorie/macros adjustment, you’ll have to also purchase the MyWorkouts+ app.

To my knowledge, it is the only app or device that syncs with the MyMacros+ App.

However, the companion app does allow you to enter each movement of your weight training routine and establish a total workout calorie burn which can be useful for those engaged in weight training.

Overall Thoughts

MyMacros+ is a good alternative to MyFitnessPal (MFP) when it comes to tracking macros and calories and is much more customizable than the free version of MFP.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t sync with other fitness apps and devices such as FitBit. However, there is an Apple Watch app.

This app is perfect for flexible dieters that want to have multiple sets of macros for heavy exercise days, moderate exercise days, and rest days and who don’t want to do the fluid approach by tracking and adjusting for exercise.

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Ted Kallmyer is an ISSA certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, author, and macros coach. He has helped hundreds of clients reach their body transformation goals.
Updated February 13, 2018


  • Kristi Jackson

    I have noticed that MyMacros+ has standard/set measurements for different items, like 1 cup, or 1 link, and that you cannot change the way you measure that item. I have read several times that grams are best… plus I actually find it easier to weigh stuff instead of cleaning measuring cups several times a day (maybe i am lazy). Any advice on this? I am thinking of switching trackers due to this, but do not want to pay for the premium MFP.

    • Ted

      Hi Kristi, Yes grams are the most accurate and the use of cups, links etc. is because this is how someone entered it in their DB. You could always download the free version of MFP and then use its larger database and then use it to enter items manually into MyMacros. If you eat many of the same foods, after a week or so they will all be in MyMacros for you to easily reference.