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Okaysou AirMax Review: Air Filtration and Better Overall Health

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Does the quality of the air we breathe really make a difference in our overall good health?

This is probably something most people don’t think about too much since most of the focus around being healthy is on diet and exercise.

But, when you think about it, air quality is pretty important since breathing is how we oxygenate our bodies and along with that oxygen can come some pretty harmful contaminates.

Many people think that our homes protect us from outside contaminants but this isn’t really true. Our homes are not airtight and allow for the flow of air from outside to in. So, the air outside of your home gets inside your home even if you have the doors and windows closed. Larger particles like dust may not get in easily but finer particles and gases do.

Plus, inside the home things like household cleaner residue, molds, and dust mite feces can also contaminate the air we breathe.

Here are some reasons that you may want to think about filtering the air you breathe inside your home.

  • You live in a larger city with poor air quality.
  • You live close to an industrial area or factory.
  • You have seasonal outdoor allergies.
  • You have indoor allergies.
  • You often awaken with a stuffy nose.
  • You have asthma which is triggered by certain airborne particles.

I was recently sent a complimentary Okaysou AirMax 8L by the company in order to evaluate how well it filters the air in my home and possibly recommend it to my readers.

Okaysou AirMax Review

okaysou AirMax 8L Front

I have indoor allergies that greatly affect my ability to breathe through my nose when I sleep. So, I often use air filtration to help with this. The last air filtration unit that I used had broken a little while ago so I was grateful for the offer to try the Okaysou AirMax.

Compared to the Walmart air filter that I had previously purchased, Okaysou is definitely a few steps up in features and filtration. I would call my old brand a “Kia” and the Okaysou AirMax a “BMW”. Here’s why…

Filtration Capability

Okaysou has a 5 stage filter that filters out almost anything.

  1. It has a pre-filter to capture large particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander.
  2. It has a HEPA filter that filters up to .25 microns.
  3. The next stage is an antimicrobial filter that achieves a sterilization rate of 99.9%.
  4. It then uses an active carbon filter to absorb organic compounds, odors, and formaldehyde.
  5. The last stage is a cold catalyst filter that decomposes and captures ammonia, VOCs, and other chemicals.

okaysou AirMax 8L back

Filtration Speed

On the highest setting it is able to filter all the air in an 800 square foot room 1.5 times an hour. Even at the highest fan speed, Okaysou AirMax isn’t noisy at just 51 decibels.

At night it has a quiet operation setting which is just 22 decibels.


Okaysou offers a 5-year warranty which is much longer than the brand I had from Walmart which was just two years.

My Personal Experience

okaysou AirMax 8L top

I’ve been using the Okaysou AirMax every night for about a week now.  It was super simple to set up and was ready to go within minutes of opening the box. I like white noise when I sleep so I use the medium setting.

The first thing that is evident is how fresh the room smells. The air smells clean and fresh.

Secondly, when I awaken in the morning, I’m still breathing through my nose. This is a great feeling and I’m often pretty sneezy in the morning, but this has been greatly reduced since using Okaysou.

I live in a rural area that has pretty clean air most of the time accept during wildfire season, so it will be nice to have such a capable air filter for those hot fire season months.


The Okaysou AirMax 8L retails for about $119 on Amazon.

The filters last about 8 months depending on the amount of use and the number of contaminants in the air. It’s about $38 to replace the filters and they are also available on Amazon.

Okaysou AirMax 8L has great verified customer reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars. 

Air Filtration and Health

If you’re like me and have trouble breathing during your sleep, air filtration is pretty important since sleep amount and quality of sleep are huge factors in being healthy. In fact, many health problems can be linked to poor sleep including obesity. Using a quality air filter like the Okaysou AirMax 8L helps you sleep better and thus promotes health.

Also, according to it’s estimated that poor air quality (air pollution) is an underlying factor involved in 5 million premature deaths each year from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and respiratory diseases.

People that live in urban areas and industrial areas need to be especially vigilant in making sure the air they breathe is clean.

In conclusion, for optimal health the body needs a nutritious diet, clean water, adequate movement, and clean air. 

Ted Kallmyer is an ISSA certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, is an expert macros coach, and the author of The Macro Solution. If you need personal help reaching your weight loss/fitness goals see his nutrition & macros coaching options. Follow Ted on Instagram
Last Updated: October 4, 2021