Open Thread: What’s the Worst Comment Someone Has Made About Your Weight?

Fat shaming doesn’t work. You probably figured that already.

2,944 people were part of a UK study looking at weight discrimination. Subjects were questioned about their experiences. 36% of those obese had experienced some form of discrimination (as per the statements below). Of normal weight, only 1% reported any discrimination.

1) You are treated with less respect or courtesy;
2) You receive poorer service than other people in restaurants and stores;
3) People act like you’re stupid;
4) You are threatened or harassed;
5) You receive poorer service or treatment from doctors or hospitals.

The upshot? Those who were fat-shamed did NOT get any thinner. They ate more comfort food, and lost confidence to get out and engage in physical activity.

Another intriguing study cites an increase in an inflammatory protein in response to discrimination.

What’s the worst comment that someone has made about your weight?

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Last Updated: September 5, 2019