Healthiest Fast Food Chicken Sandwich Guide for the Weary


We identify the healthiest grilled chicken sandwiches at 8 popular fast food restaurants. We show how they compare nutritionally and which one is the best.

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We Eat Too Much Meat!

eating meat in diet

With this article I hope to portray a more balanced approach to using meat as part of a healthy diet. How much should you be eating and how to cut back.

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Have You Been Lied To About Counting Calories?

how many calories to eat

What if a calorie is not a good measure of how much energy we obtain from food? The Fallacy of a Calorie actually challenges this widely accepted belief.

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Low Carb Turkey Burgers with Savory Homemade Warm Relish

Turkey Burger with Relish

Ground turkey is a tasty way to up your protein intake, but reduce the fat amount usually found in ground beef. Here's a great recipe for 1/2 the calories.

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Why You Should Stop Avoiding Fruit (and 10+ Ways to Improve Your Intake)

fruit part of a healthy diet

Fruit is part of a healthy eating lifestyle. Here are some easy ways to add more fruit to your diet and cooking plus compelling reasons why you should.

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Open Thread: What’s the Worst Comment Someone Has Made About Your Weight?


Fat shaming doesn't help. It only makes things worse.

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