5 Day Flexible Diet Meal Plan

IIFYM Meal plan

5 days worth of meals and snacks for the flexible diet. This IIFYM meal plan shows the macro amounts for each meal and daily totals. Includes shopping list.

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Coconut Milk: Brands to Choose, Brands to Avoid

coconut milk: the good the ugly

Coconut milk can be a healthy cow's milk alternative but some brands should be avoided. Here are the ones to choose in both the carton and canned varieties.

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15 Life Hacks For A Healthier and Slimmer You

fresh start

15 simple life hacks that you can implement today to be healthier, slimmer, and stronger than you ever have been.

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12 Things Everyone Should Know About Healthy Cooking

healthy cooking

Are you thinking of starting to cooking more healthily? Here's what you should know about healthy cooking before you begin to ensure your success.

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Hearty Roasted Veggie Salad with Chicken

roasted vegetable salad

My roasted veggie salad is pretty easy to make and a hearty meal that will keep you satisfied for hours, all the while being packed with great nutrition.

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Flexible Dieting Macro Calculator

photo credit: WanderingtheWorld (www.ChrisFord.com) via photopin cc

Easily calculate your macro ratios with this mobile-friendly calculator.

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