Why You Should Stop Avoiding Fruit (and 10+ Ways to Improve Your Intake)

fruit part of a healthy diet

Fruit is part of a healthy eating lifestyle. Here are some easy ways to add more fruit to your diet and cooking plus compelling reasons why you should.

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Open Thread: What’s the Worst Comment Someone Has Made About Your Weight?


Fat shaming doesn't help. It only makes things worse.

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A Diet Plan That Actually Works: What You Need to Know


This diet will rewire your brain's reward centers, helping you to enjoy eating healthy.

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10+ Delicious and Clever Ways to Eat More Vegetables

cooking healthy with vegetables

For those new to healthy cooking and haven't a clue as to where to begin, I offer the most important piece of advice. Eat Your Veggies! Here's how to do it.

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Recipe: Delicious and Dairy-Free Avocado & Lime Ice Cream


This dairy free avocado and lime ice cream is a much healthier alternative to traditional ice cream but equally as delicious. See the easy recipe here.

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Is Healthy Eating Only For Rich People?


New research says yes. People on lower incomes opt for different strategies to lose weight.

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