Ryan Schroers of Shredded Fitness Talks Flexible Dieting


Ryan Schroers of Shredded Fitness shares with us how he uses Flexible Dieting to achieve a competition winning body. No matter the goal FD can get you there

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Interview with Sohee Lee: Coach, Writer & Fitness Buff


Sohee's a writer and is a renowned fitness coach who delivers impressive results for her clients and teaches about the correct mindset for weight loss.

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How Lydia Lost 80lbs and Transformed from Overweight to Athlete


Lydia has undergone an impressive transformation from overweight to athlete. She grew up being bullied because of her weight and now she inspires people.

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How Michelle Overcame Eating Disorders and Lost 100+ lbs

Michelle After

Michelle's transformation involved overcoming eating disorders and a family history of dysfunctional dieting. Here's how she lost over 100 pounds for good.

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Celebrity Weight Loss Diets: Do they Work?


Some of these Celebrity Diets are downright crazy and dangerous while others seem reasonable enough. So which ones work and are safe for weight loss?

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What “Experts” Won’t Tell Us about Weight Loss

photo credit: icedsoul photography .:teymur madjderey via photopin cc

Most diet experts over-promise and under-deliver. Lasting weight loss comes only when we embrace these 2 words and this new way of thinking.

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Katie’s Transformation from 260+ lbs to Figure Competitor

Katie Front

Katie tells us how she lost over 117 pounds to transform her body to just 15% body fat.

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How Michael Lost 300lbs and Become a Personal Trainer


A stunning story of a 300 lb weight loss and complete transformation.

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