Did You Ever Think Eating Healthy Was Easy?

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Time to ask the hard questions.

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How Much Fiber Should We Eat With Flexible Dieting?

photo credit: Nancy D. Regan via photopin cc

Fiber could be considered the 4th macronutrient. Flexible Dieters track protein, fat, carbohydrates, AND fiber. Here's the amount that's right for you.

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A Short Guide To Interval Training (aka HIIT)

interval training HIIT

Have you considered Interval Training or HIIT as a way to burn calories as part of the Flexible Diet? Could be a lot more effective than just cardio alone.

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Flexible Dieting: How to Calculate Your Macros

how to calculate macros

Here's a simple formula to use to calculate your macronutrients when using flexible dieting so you can achieve your weight loss or fitness goals.

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“The Online Coach” Raymond Querido Talks IIFYM

Ray Photos

Raymond Querido found balance and sustainability utilizing flexible dieting (IIFYM). He shares with us how he does it and how we can too.

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Ryan Schroers of Shredded Fitness Talks Flexible Dieting


Ryan Schroers of Shredded Fitness shares with us how he uses Flexible Dieting to achieve a competition winning body. No matter the goal FD can get you there

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