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The Macro Solution

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The Macro Solution has helped 14,000+ people just like you lose over 150,000 pounds.

Sick of strict dieting?

  • Removing sugar…
  • Eating only low carb and keto…
  • Avoiding bread…
  • Eating clean but splurging on the weekends…
  • Gaining the weight you lost right back…
  • Feeling guilty when you have a piece of cake…

Ready to be the healthiest version of yourself?

  • Having more energy…
  • Fitting into those jeans again…
  • Feeling more confident…
  • No more guilt and shame around eating…
  • Becoming stronger than ever…
  • Learning to eat healthy in a way that’s sustainable…

I’ll teach you the exact recipe to eat healthier and lose the fat for good through my interactive video lessons and books

Includes 11 video lessons, downloadable meal plans, step-by-step guidebook (including a plant-based edition), and much more.

Individualized Nutrition

Step-by-step plan

Meal Plan Templates

Delicious Macro Recipes

Recipe Examples

What You’ll Learn…


Master your macros

The advanced techniques coaches use to create perfect macro ratios.


Say goodbye to guesswork

Learn how to use cutting-edge tools like MyFitnessPal.


Effortlessly eliminate food dilemmas

Learn how to identify the macronutrient content of foods.


Meal prep made easy

Learn to plan and prepare healthy and delicious meals quickly (meal plans & recipes included).


Master life’s changes with ease

Adapt macros to lifestyle changes with simple solutions.


Embrace balance and flexibility in your plan

Incorporate treats and special occasions with ease while maintaining a healthy diet.

🚀 Master everything needed for weight loss success
in 60 minutes instead of spending hours down the Google rabbit hole.

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Macro Solution
$99 $29
  • 11 actionable video lessons
  • 130-page Macro Solution guidebook
  • Healthy and delicious recipes
  • 100+ pages bonus guides (macro food lists, meal plans, and Weight Loss Mindset)
  • Exercise guidance
  • All questions answered by Coach Ted

💥 The most comprehensive and trusted macro-based fat loss and healthy eating system available for the last 10+ years

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a laptop, tablet, phone. Can I access the course and books?
Yes, you can access the resources on any device.

Who created The Macro Solution?
Coach Ted Kallmyer:
  • 🔥 Specialist in Nutrition (ISSA)
  • 💪 Certified Fitness Trainer
  • ✨ Degree in biology and a master’s degree in education/counseling
  • 👍 Nutritional coach with over 8 years experience and 1500+ clients coached.

How does the video course work?
The videos are all accessed through a “membership-only” system where you can work through them at your own pace and it saves your progress. Your access never expires and from start to finish the course lasts about an hour non-stop.

What if I have other questions?
Please reach out, I’d love to hear from you.

Can vegetarians and vegans use this?
Absolutely! We have a Plant-based Edition just for you.

Is there a recurring charge?
No. You will only be billed ONCE.

What’s the science behind this?
It’s based on the Mifflin, St Jeor formula for determining TDEE (ref), along with the theory of no foods being forbidden as long as they don’t push you over your limits (ref). The latest comprehensive research shows that low carbs diets are associated with shorter lifespan (ref), which is why I advocate a moderate carb approach. A 2021 study found that a flexible approach like counting macros is just as effective for weight loss as a strict diet plan. Here’s the study.

*Guaranteed to work
If the Macro Solution Premium doesn’t work for you, a 30-day refund is available. You must send me your macro tracking logs, so we can ensure you followed the program.

Individual results may vary and are dependent on several factors, such as dedication to the prescribed protocol and accurately tracking food intake and counting macros.

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