Sugar Grams and Flexible Dieting

flexible dieting and sugar

Sugar has been the nutritional villain for many years, so it's no wonder many flexible dieters are afraid of it. Here are some easy guidelines to follow.

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Gaining Muscle While Losing Fat with Flexible Dieting

gain muscle lose fat

Flexible dieting or IIFYM can be a great way to gain muscle mass while losing fat at the same time. Here's how it can work and challenges you may face.

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My Personal Experience With Flexible Dieting Thus Far


Our writer Ted's personal experience with flexible dieting and IIFYM. Before and after pictures as well as what motivated him to give this method a try.

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Tracking Macros When Eating Out

eating out and flexible dieting

For those flexible dieting the challenge with eating out lies with tracking macros and calories at restaurants. Here are some guidelines to follow.

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Out of a Macro For the Day? Here’s What to Eat

out of a macro

If you're doing IIFYM or flexible dieting it's challenging to know what to eat if you hit your limit on a macro before the day's over. Here are some ideas.

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11 Useful IIFYM Tools For the Flexible Dieter

flexible dieting tools for IIFYM

We have some great tools that make IIFYM and flexible dieting a lot easier. Here are 11 that can help you stay on track and reach your goals faster.

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