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Guides: Counting Macros

The ultimate guide to counting macros
How to Calculate Your Macros and REE for Body Transformation
Counting Macros
Beginner's guide to macronutrient calculations, macro formulas, and calculating REE. Determine your macros for weight loss or muscle building.
muscle building macros
Macros for Gaining Muscle and Cutting Fat
vegan macro calculation
How To Count Macros on a Vegan, Vegetarian, or Plant-Based Diet
What is Flexible Dieting? A Macro Based Diet Plan to Get Started Quickly

Guides: Best and Worst

Best and worst dark chocolate brands
Dark Chocolate: The Best and Worst Brands
Tell Me What to Eat
Dark Chocolate is regarded by many as an indulgent but healthy snack. Some brands are healthy, others should be avoided at all cost.
plant based burger brands
The Best Plant-Based Burgers: Brands to Choose and Avoid
Best and worst almond milk brands
Almond Milk: The Best and Worst Brands
10 Healthy Snacks for 200 Calories
Top 15 carbs, proteins, and fats
Top 15 Healthy Carb, Protein, and Fat Rich Foods
Kombucha: The Best and Worst Brands
The best and worst coconut milk brands
Coconut Milk: Best and Worst Brands

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Calorie deficit diet meal plans
Calorie Deficit Meal Plans
Macro Recipes and Meal Ideas
A calorie deficit diet is highly individualized, making it difficult to set once-for-all meal plans. To get the most helpful meal plan, you will need to enter your daily calorie...
Calorie deficit diet
Calorie Deficit Diet
Guide to high intensity interval training
A Short Guide To High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Calorie deficit calculator
Calorie Deficit Calculator
Body recomposition versus cutting
Body Recomposition vs. Cutting: Which is Best?
me and my eBike
Are eBikes a Good Way to Exercise?
Body recomposition calculator
Body Recomposition Calculator

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