Counting Macros for Losing, Maintaining, or Gaining Weight

counting macros

How to count macros to achieve lasting weight loss, or increase lean muscle mass.

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I Counted Macros and Achieved My Goals with Less Work and More Food!

counting macros success story

Here's a great success story sent to us by a woman who used our Flexible Dieting Solution to count her macros and nail her goals.

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11 Quick Snacks for Around 200 Healthy Calories


Are snacks your diet downfall? Try these 11 healthy snacks instead to save calories, increase nutrition, and feel satisfied between meals.

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Flexible Dieting Macro Calculator

Calculate your macros with this mobile-friendly IIFYM calculator for Flexible Dieting. Lose weight or gain muscle. Adjust protein levels and lean body mass.

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Flexible Dieting: How to Calculate Your Macros

how to calculate macros

Here's a simple formula to use to calculate your macronutrients when using flexible dieting (IIFYM) so you can achieve your weight loss or fitness goals.

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Using MyMacros+ With IIFYM Flexible Dieting Tutorial


MyMacros+ is a useful app to use to keep track of your macros and calories when flexible dieting (IIFYM). Here's how to set it all up step-by-step.

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