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The Macros Diet

As a nutrition and macros expert, I challenge people to transform their bodies with an exhilarating & flexible approach to nutrition called macro dieting.

I'm Ted Kallmyer, diet and fitness macros coach. After years of following one restrictive diet after another, I finally found freedom from food and diet obsessions.

I dared to transform both my physique and eating habits using a powerful system that I created called the Macro Solution.

Ted Kallmyer
Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (ISSA)
Certified Fitness Trainer
Macro Solution Author
Nutritional Expert and Macros Coach

Feel Exhilarated and Motivated While Focusing on Your Unique Needs

It won't make you feel guilty about eating so-called "bad" foods.
You'll learn to think differently about food - by embracing an invigorating and individualized approach.
Unlike traditional programs - you'll calculate exactly how much your unique body needs to eat. No foods are off-limits leaving you feeling more energized.
You'll gain the momentum to eat healthier while still enjoying the foods you love.

Over 11,000 people have energized their unique diet and fitness goals using my system.

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Exhilarated Clients Say...

I no longer diet

I'm down 35 lbs. I no longer 'diet' but have established a very healthy eating attitude. I will no longer worry about putting on any weight."


I ate more and lost 35 pounds

I have gained tons of muscle and changed the shape of my physique, and have a healthy relationship with food."


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