Ever wanted to sort your life out? To eat better and feel better?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

You are not alone.

Changing the way you eat is hard.

  • Some of us have addictive and emotional connections with food.
  • Some of us have genetic and hormonal dispositions that handicap us.
  • Some of us are really confused.

Combine that with a food industry whose motive is quick profit not health. Then throw in a culture that’s obsessed with appearance, setting us up for a guilt-shame-failure cycle.

Is it any surprise most of us struggle with our weight?


Ted KallmyerTed Kallmyer B.A., M.Ed – A successful flexible dieter who eats healthy, works out regularly, and is renowned for his cooking skills. Check out his personal experience with counting macros here and you can follow Ted on Instagram.