Flexible Dieting Personal Coaching

Take the guesswork out of calculating your macros.

Our coaching packages provide you with an individualized Flexible Dieting program.

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Basic Coaching

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  • Custom Macros
  • Macro adjustments as needed for two months
  • Personal Coaching Plan
  • Flexible Dieting Solution download + bonuses.
  • Members-only forum access

Premium Coaching

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  • Custom Macros
  • Macro adjustments as needed for two months
  • Personal Coaching Plan
  • Flexible Dieting Solution download + bonuses.
  • Members-only forum access
  • Weekly email accountability and support (for 2 months)

Full Service

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  • Custom Macros
  • Macro adjustments as needed for two months
  • Personal Coaching Plan
  • Flexible Dieting Solution download + bonuses.
  • Members-only forum access
  • Weekly email accountability and support (for 2 months)
  • Custom 5 Day Meal Plan
*Coaching spots are limited and may fill up at any time, reserve your spot now.

You Will Receive:


Once you’ve completed our comprehensive questionnaire we will calculate your individual carbohydrate, protein, fat and calorie goals for each day. This is included in the personal Flexible Dieting Coaching Plan that will be emailed to you. We’ll also send exercise recommendations and advice tailored to your unique circumstances.


You will also receive the appropriate edition of the Flexible Dieting / IIFYM Solution. This outlines how to track your food and count your macros.


Get access to a members-only support forum. Your coach will respond to questions as soon as possible.


Get our 100+ item Macro Food List and our Fast Food Macro Guide to help you better reach your macro goals. The list divides foods into the purity of the dominant macro and lists foods that fill you up but deliver very few total macros. The Fast Food Guide offers 14 healthy meal suggestions at 7 of the most popular fast food restaurants.

Premium Coaching:


Every week for two months you will receive an email from your coach checking in on your progress and about any questions or difficulties you are having. Your coach may adjust your macro-nutrients as they deem necessary. This helps you be accountable to the process and helps ensure your success. You can also email your coach in between check-ins about any issues that arise.

Full Service:

This option includes everything in the first two options plus:


Your coach will create a customized meal plan for you based on your unique macros. Your meal plan will include 2 rest days and 3 workout days. You’ll also be given the opportunity to note any dietary restrictions prior to plan creation.


Ted has over 4 years of experience researching and teaching people about flexible dieting and he uses the system himself to achieve his fitness goals. (see more about his personal experience here.) He is also the author of our flexible dieting solution, Flexible dieting: Lose Weight and Start Eating Again. He is passionate about helping people to be healthier, and at the same time, to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.


Author and Coach


April 9, 2017

Dear Ted,

The day I turned 55 years old was a deal breaker. So tired of being fat and tired, I contacted my daughter to obtain your contact information, hence, changing my life. My endocrinologist had cautioned me that it would be very difficult to lose weight. My thyroid disease was mostly under control and I had been gluten free for a couple years, but yet, I was collecting 2 extra pounds a month. I purchased the macros plus app and began putting the eating plan you gave me into play. The weight slowly and steadily began to fall off. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. You filled in those black holes in my eating that I couldn’t have done without you. Every week, your emails reached me and encouraged my progress. My husband soon contacted you and lost his own 15 pounds. I cannot explain how hopeless I was when I sought you out and how ecstatic I am after losing 15 lbs., feeling and looking better. My husband says that eating macros was the easiest, hard thing we have done. So true. Ted, you’re family to us because you walked on this journey with us and figured out how we can live and eat. You are so dang good at what you do, I am grateful to have found you!

With Gratitude,

Tamara Bertolini

counting macros personal coaching“I just want to thank you for the wonderful program and for the guidance these past 8 weeks! Although I believed in the program there was also a part of me that doubted in the beginning. “How can I lose weight eating this much?!” I think my progress photo shows a lot and has proved me wrong! The balance of lifting weights and macro counting has definitely improved my physique and kept my sanity and I couldn’t be any happier! I would like to thank you again for teaching me that I don’t have to limit my food choices to improve myself! Balance is key! One happy client,”

– Vanessa G.

“Thanks for all the coaching. I am currently at 15lbs lost! So I reached one of my goals. You definitely helped keep me more accountable and the reading material was very helpful.”

– Jason D.

“I’ve enjoyed this coaching experience which has given me valuable information. I feel more informed in making food choices and feels good to finally understand what my body needs to let go of extra weight. I was working out intensely 3 to 4 times a week for months and while I saw muscle gains, the scale was gaining also which frustrated me to no end. Now that I have my macros and food intake at a good place, I can now incorporate my workouts back in knowing my needed macros will adjust with new tools I’ve linked up to my Fitbit as well as a personal understanding of how food is fueling me. I am now as of today, down 11 lbs from my highest weight which I was ping pinging to and from the past 5 months! Oh my gosh, so exciting! So 11 lbs in 8 weeks is the success I needed to keep me going.”

-Kelley M.

“I have worked with Ted for two months. I am eating 500 calories more than originally was when I begin trying to grow muscle on my own. I have made impressive improvements. The scale hasn’t changed much, but lose of fat has increased. I highly recommend Ted to anyone looking for some guidance on getting into better physical condition. He’s great at communicating and also he’s an amazing coach. Thanks heaps!”

– Shanaka W.

“Thank you so much for your coaching, it has been most helpful to me in trying to sort out flexible dieting. I am continuing to see some benefits of it and is definitely something I feel I can continue to do on my own. I am very happy with the changes I have seen so far and look forward to more positive rewards as I continue on my flexible dieting journey. Thanks again!”

– Chia

“I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Ted for offering a great service. I had started counting my macros before reaching out to Ted but I was fumbling around as such and hadn’t fully committed to the flexible dieting program. I have found that Ted’s coaching helped me stay on track and commit to the program properly. My results have been steady. I can see physical changes in my body and how my clothing fits better. Other people have also noticed the change in my physical appearance. My energy levels have increased and I feel great. This method of fuelling my body is probably the easiest and least stressful method. Believe me when I say, I’ve tried many methods in the past, which work for some people, but just not me. It has also changed my mindset which Ted also helped with. Being patient and learning to embrace the journey. I am still learning the methodology today but it’s a positive habit to log my food and is now effortless really. Thank you again, Ted, for your support and guidance.”

– Jo Tichkowsky

“I wanted to reach back out to you and say that the advice you gave me was spot on and I gained a ton of muscle.”

– Lindsay M