Macro Solution
1-on-1 Coaching

Accelerate fat loss, build more muscle, increase energy levels, and feel better than ever using the power of macros with the accountability of a world class coach.

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting where you want to be? Coach Ted has the expertise to fix that.

Coach Ted has worked with over 1,600 clients.

They’ve lost over 26,000 pounds of fat and gained 1000s of pounds of muscle.

✨Guaranteed results✨ If you don’t get results, you don’t pay.

Why Choose Macros Based Nutrition Coaching?

Personal Nutrition Plan

A comprehensive nutritional plan tailored to your unique needs and challenges.

Accountability Check-ins

Weekly check-ins and support on-demand + 1-on-1 Zoom/phone meetings.

Meal Planning

Coach Ted helps make custom meal planning a breeze and can incorporate the foods you love.

All Books and Bonuses

You get Coach Ted’s best selling Macro Solution books and resources, including his recipe book instantly in digital format.

Progress Tracking & Adjustments

Bi-weekly progress evaluations, macro adjustments, and continued macro guidance for life.

It’s time to overcome the obstacles holding you back.

With a tailored nutrition plan and the support and accountability of one of the most experienced coaches in the industry, there will be no stopping you.

Let’s start your transformation.

A Few Client Testimonials

Meet Coach Ted

  • Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (ISSA)
  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Author of The Macro Solution and the Meal Prep Cookbook

As one of the first macro coaches in the industry, Ted’s helped over 1,600 people transform over the last 9 years.

With an M.Ed. in Education and Counseling, he’ll guide you though nutrition, weight loss, and the psychology of change.

Ted values and celebrates all people regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

Whether your goal is fat loss, building muscle, or being the best at your sport, Ted will deliver results.

Ted’s coaching style is a judgment-free zone.

You will never be belittled, or shamed for not being perfect.

Everyone has their own journeys, struggles, and often a lifetime of baggage concerning food and eating. But, there are no lost causes and everyone is capable of change.

How the Coaching Process Works


Once you apply and are accepted, you’ll schedule a no obligation Zoom or call to discuss your goals and the aspects of macros coaching in detail.

You’ll feel heard, valued, and all your special needs will be addressed 😌.


Once you commit, Ted will formulate a comprehensive nutritional plan with your optimal TDEE and macros (with your unique stats, lifestyle, and goals in mind).

He’ll email your plan including a video walk-through and answer any questions you may have.


Coach Ted will be checking in with you weekly to motivate you and answer all your important questions.

He’ll keep you accountable, support & encourage you, and evaluate your progress, making changes as needed.

All that Coach Ted’s Program Includes

Here’s what you get
  • Comprehensive personalized coaching plan
  • 24/7 access to your coach via email
  • Weekly check-ins and biweekly progress evaluations
  • Personal video progress feedback
  • Coaching Zoom or phone calls each month. (up to 1 per week)
  • Nutritional adjustments as your body and goals change
  • Macro Solution books and resources
  • Exclusive meal plan database
  • 3 months free Prospre Meal Planning App Pro
  • Food log accountability and assessment
  • Lifetime macro adjustments
  • Lifetime access to our books, resources, and video course.
Coaching Plans start at $165/month
Coach Ted only has a limited number of spots available each month.

🌟 Results are Guaranteed! 🌟
If you commit to the coaching process and follow Coach Ted’s recommendations you are guaranteed success or Coach Ted will refund your money or keep working with you for free until you do.

Ted’s Nutrition Coaching Specialities

  1. Losing fat at a safe and steady rate while increasing vitality.
  2. Body Recomposition
  3. Diagnosing and breaking weight loss plateaus for renewed momentum.
  4. Freedom from obesity and poor self-esteem related to your weight.
  5. Gaining lean muscle mass for a more energized physique.
  6. Being stronger at your sport for reinvigorated performance.
  7. Eating healthier and fueling your body properly for your unique needs.
  8. Losing weight safely after pregnancy or while breastfeeding.
  9. Gaining a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy.
  10. Maintaining a healthy weight as your body ages or as unique challenges arise.
  11. Couples Coaching: There is a significant incentive for couples to sign up together.

Tamara’s Story


Daniel’s Story

My progress story…

On my journey to lose weight I felt very lost at where exactly, or what exactly to do, but I found something called macros.

I first tried out another coach, but he really did not know what he was doing, also just disappeared out of the blue.

I first felt discouraged, however I read success stories about Ted, so I decided to try him as my macro coach, and so far after three months I have lost weight.

I want to highly recommend him to anyone wanting to understand how to get in the best shape of their life, to add to this I want to thank Ted for all he has done!!!

Let’s start your transformation.


What qualifications does this online macros coach have?
Ted Kallmyer is a certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Certified Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). He has a degree in biology and a master’s degree in education/counseling. He has over 10 years of experience teaching people how to achieve their goals by counting macros and is the author of several books on the subject. Instagram
What exactly is 1-on-1 Macros Coaching?
You can email 24/7 with questions or for help. With Macros Coaching Ted will follow up with you each and every week. The accountability can make all the difference.
Can you do macros coaching for vegans?
Absolutely. Coach Ted has coached many vegan and plant-based clients.
What are your fees?
We have plans that fit everyone’s budget. We’ll discuss the pricing in detail and decide the plan most suitable for you during the application process.
What’s the science behind online macro coaching?
Studies comparing weight loss results between self-guided and coached customers show more successful outcomes for those who received coaching. One study looked at all the research to date and found that those who received coaching and support had superior outcomes in reducing body fat, increasing motivation, and personal satisfaction (reference).
Individual results will vary and depend on how well clients adhere to the program and follow the recommendations of their coach. Coach Ted will work hard to help you be successful but people lose weight and gain muscle at different rates due to many factors. See full Terms & Conditions here