Expert Macro Calculations

Our calculator is great but do you want more accurate numbers that consider all the lifestyle factors and all the unique aspects you are bringing to the table?

Fill out this form and Nutritional Expert, Coach Ted, will assess your needs and send you your optimal calories and macros for a small fee.

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What are your fitness goals?
In inches or centimeters
In pounds or kilograms
-or- how many steps do you get on average daily if you track those.
Exercise isn’t required so if you don’t want to exercise just indicate that. If entering exercise, follow this format: Monday = Running 30 minutes; Tuesday = Lifting weights 45 minutes
This can help determine the best macro ratios for you.
Also list any medications you currently take which could have have metabolic side effects.
Examples: Breastfeeding or pregnant, gastric surgery, work night shift, etc.
Price: $ 19.00
Thanks in advance for you support which helps keep all the great resources on available for free. You’ll receive rest day calculations as well as exercise day calculations along with some personal recommendations.

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