Expert Macro Calculations

Take the guesswork out of trying to figure out the best macros for your unique body.

Let a professional dial the numbers in for you to get the fastest results possible.

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What are your fitness goals?
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-or- how many steps do you get on average daily if you track those.
➡️ Follow this format: Monday = Running 30 minutes; Tuesday = Lifting weights 45 minutes
This can help determine the best macro ratios for you.
Also list any medications you currently take which could have have metabolic side effects.
Examples: Breastfeeding or pregnant, gastric surgery, work night shift, etc.
I understand these calculations are not designed to treat medical conditions and I should consult your doctor before starting any new diet or fitness plan. All of your information is confidential.

Guaranteed Results!

If the expert macros don’t get you results, Coach Ted will adjust them for free until they do.

Price: $24.00
You’ll get a personal plan showing your optimal rest day macros plus as many exercise day macro sets as appropriate. Coach Ted will also send you some personal recommendations based on your responses above.
🔥 Add our 140 page ebook on tracking macros and 11 episode video course.
This is a step-by-step program called The Macro Solution designed to accelerate your progress. It also includes 100+ pages of bonuses like food lists, recipes, meal plans, and more.

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