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steak recipe
The Recipe for Cooking Steak Like a Pro
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Here's an easy to follow recipe for cooking steak like a professional chef. Steak can be a good source of protein and an occasional part of a healthy diet.
3 Strategies to Stop Binge Eating and Say Goodbye to Cheat Meals
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Do you binge eat and have cheat meals or days? Here are 3 ways to change that habit so that you can finally reach your diet and fitness goals.
tools to achieve your goal
How to Get the Body You Want and Quit Dieting for Good
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To never diet again you must retrain your brain on how much to eat and learn to detach food from emotion. Here are some steps to take to make it happen.
How to Be Successful With Any Diet Plan
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Being successful at dieting isn't as much about the method as it is your mindset. Here's how to make sure you have the right attitude for diet success.
Cronometer Review: Tracking Macros
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Cronometer can be used for tracking macros, but its real strength is in micronutrient tracking.
calories burned during exercise calculator
Calories Burned and Activity Calculator
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Accurately and quickly calculate how many calories you burn while doing various activities. Use's your personal stats and established METs.
Quick TDEE calculator
TDEE Calculator : Easily Calculate Your Daily Calorie Needs
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This TDEE calculator finds your Total Daily Energy Expenditure. Lose weight by calculating how many calories to eat for your age, height, and weight.
The 6 Steps To Beating Your Caffeine Addiction
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6 simple steps to help you reset your over-caffeinated body.
macro calculator apps
5 of the Best Macro Calculator Apps
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Try out some of the best online macro calculators in order to easily calculate your TDEE and macros as accurately as possible.
7 Clever Tricks for a Fit and Fabulous Pregnancy
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One fact that every woman has to face during their pregnancy is putting on weight. Here are seven tips to help you stay fit during your pregnancy.