Macros Personal Coaching

Take the guesswork out of calculating your macros
Get 24/7 coaching from a macros expert.

“I began putting the macro plan you gave me into play.

I cannot explain how hopeless I was when I sought you out and how ecstatic I am after losing 15 lbs., feeling and looking better.

You are so dang good at what you do, I am grateful to have found you!” -Tamara

What You Get

Includes your personalized macros for rest days and exercise days plus custom advice for your success.
As your goals change, so do your macros. Get free macro adjustments from your coach for life.
Includes all downloads of our Macro Solution books and bonuses.
You can email your coach at anytime with questions or difficulties you are having.
Your coach will check-in on your progress every week. You will have email access to your coach 24/7.
Premium Only
We’ll help you keep track of your progress.
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Achieve Outstanding Results

“I am now down 11 lbs from my highest weight which I was ping pinging to and from the past 5 months! So 11 lbs in 8 weeks is the success I needed to keep me going.”
“Thanks for all the coaching. I am currently at 15lbs lost! So I reached one of my goals. You definitely helped keep me more accountable and the reading material was very helpful.”
“I am eating 500 calories more than I originally was when I begin trying to grow muscle on my own. The scale hasn’t changed much, but the loss of fat has increased.”

“I can see physical changes in my body and how my clothing fits better. I feel great!”

– Jo

How It Works

  1. Tell us about yourself Answer a few questions, and let us know your goals.
  2. Meet the coach Your coach will reach out to you.
  3. Start the transformation We’ll tell you exactly how much protein, fat, and carbs to eat each day. We’ll even optimize it for the days you exercise.


Ted has helped people reach their diet and fitness goals for over 6 years. He uses the system himself and is passionate about helping people get healthier and achieve their goals.


Author and Coach

We only work with a limited number of clients


Order Now
  • Custom personalized macros
  • Free macro adjustments for life
  • Personal Coaching Plan
  • All Macro Solution downloads
  • 24/7 email guidance
    (for 8 weeks)

Premium 1-on-1

Order Now
  • Custom personalized macros
  • Free macro adjustments for life
  • Personal Coaching Plan
  • All Macro Solution downloads
  • 24/7 email guidance
    (for 8 weeks)
  • 1-on-1 coaching
    (weekly formal check-ins with your coach for 8 weeks)
  • Two 15-minute phone coaching sessions as needed
  • Fortnightly progress updates
  • Be part of the program that has helped over 5,000 people reach their goals


What’s a Personal Coaching Plan?
In addition to your macros, the plan includes individualized exercise recommendations, measuring progress advice, and specific recommendations based on your unique stats and lifestyle.

Why get custom macros?
Our calculator is a great tool for macros, but after working with hundreds of clients we’ve discovered to get the best results – we need to tweak it. Your body composition, and unique exercise info will lead to more accurate macros.

What are free macro adjustments?
As your goals change – so do your macros. Even after your coaching is finished you can email your coach to recalculate your macros for you free of charge based on your new goals.

What’s the difference between 24/7 email guidance, and 1-on-1 coaching?
You can email your coach 24/7 with questions or for help. 1-on-1 means your coach will reach out to you (via email) each and every week. The accountability can make all the difference.

Can you do coaching for vegans?
Absolutely. We’ve had many vegetarian and vegan clients.

Cancellation Policy
If you find the program is not for you, we will refund the cost of the Macro Solution Ebooks. We ask you submit a macro tracking log to ensure you’ve been following the process. Your coach’s time is non-refundable.