Testimonials and Transformations

Be inspired by the remarkable transformations these people have made to their bodies and to their health and now live happier and more fulfilled.

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If You’re a Gay Man, You’re Probably Going About Weight Loss All Wrong

In my experience as a gay nutritional coach, many gay men diet the wrong way to look sexy. Here's a way to weight loss that's good to your body.

Kristy weight loss journey before-after

Kristy Loses 265 Pounds Naturally. Here’s How She Transformed Her Body

I'm so excited to share Kristy's weight loss transformation story with you. Here's how she lost 265 pounds with just diet and exercise.

nutritional coaching

Benefits of Hiring a Nutrition Coach to Reach Your Fitness Goals

A certified nutrition coach helps people cut through the dieting BS and teaches them how to nourish their bodies in a way that promotes health and vitality.

counting macros success story

I Counted Macros and Achieved My Goals with Less Work and More Food!

Here's a great success story sent to us by a woman who used our Macro Solution Program to count her macros and nail her goals.

Biggest Loser Then and Now: Have Former Winners Kept the Weight Off?

Biggest Loser winners from 16 seasons. How much weight they lost and their weight today. What are they doing now and did any gain the weight back?

joanna's 200 pound weight loss

Joanna’s Journey to Be More Than 200 Pounds Healthier

Here's how Joanna lost over 200 pounds, transformed her body, and regained her health. She's off insulin and has lowered her risk of heart disease.

ajay loses 100 pounds with IIFYM

IIFYM Helps Ajay Shed 100 Pounds

This is the transformation story of Ajay, who went from sedentary, obese gamer to lean gym buff with the help of IIFYM.

justin's weight loss story: before and after

Justin Loses 101 lbs, Packs On 44 lbs of Lean Muscle

Justin initially lost 101 pounds but was then able to gain 44 pounds of muscle while maintaining just 10% body fat. Here's how he did it.

Ryan Schroers of Shredded Fitness Talks Flexible Dieting

Ryan Schroers of Shredded Fitness shares with us how he uses Flexible Dieting to achieve a competition winning body. No matter the goal FD can get you there

Interview with Sohee Lee: Coach, Writer & Fitness Buff

Sohee's a writer and is a renowned fitness coach who delivers impressive results for her clients and teaches about the correct mindset for weight loss.

How Lydia Lost 80lbs and Transformed from Overweight to Athlete

Lydia has undergone an impressive transformation from overweight to athlete. She grew up being bullied because of her weight and now she inspires people.

How Michelle Overcame Eating Disorders and Lost 100+ lbs

Michelle's transformation involved overcoming eating disorders and a family history of dysfunctional dieting. Here's how she lost over 100 pounds for good.

Katie’s Transformation from 260+ lbs to Figure Competitor

Katie tells us how she lost over 117 pounds to transform her body to just 15% body fat.

How Michael Lost 300lbs and Become a Personal Trainer

A stunning story of a 300 lb weight loss and complete transformation.

How Paul Lost 100lbs with IIFYM & Flexible Dieting

Paul is a great role model for people looking to get in shape. He's tried different strategies and found the best to be IIFYM. Here's his incredible story.

How Jocelyn Lost 70lbs Eating Clean

Once 209 pounds, Jocelyn transformed her body by eating clean and flexible while making exercise a part of her lifestyle. Her inspiring transformation here.

Emil Lost 125lbs and Hiked His Way to Health

Once 327 pounds, Emil shares how he lost 127 pounds by hiking the Alps and eating on a budget. He hopes to inspire others to do the same and get healthy.

kai hibbard tells Biggest Loser's secrets

Former Contestant Kai Hibbard SLAMS The Biggest Loser

Kai Hibbard reveals the Biggest Loser's secrets and slams the show for their unhealthy practices. NBC responds to her claims, but who is telling the truth?

How Mark Got a Six-Pack by Eating Pizza and Ice-Cream

Read about how Mark lost 40 pounds and got a six-pack, all the while never having to miss out on the foods he loves using flexible dieting.

Kyle’s Inspiring Extreme Weight Loss (270 lbs.) Without Surgery

Kyle's amazing extreme weight loss journey without surgery. How this 500 pound almost bedridden truck driver lost 270 pounds and transformed into a new man.