Transformations and Testimonials

Inspiring transformations from my incredible clients.
These transformations happened while enjoying carbs and without restrictive dieting.

Emails from customers

Making friends with food 😊

Many clients find a new and healthy relationship with food.

“Helped me to overcome the feast or famine mentality.”

There’s always just enough to fuel my mind and body without feeling deprived or overfed. It’s nice to feel control over that! — Lindsay

“I no longer diet.”

I was eating 900 calories or less a day and going up and down on the scale knowing I had to do something. I do Pilates and now eat 1,500 calories a day, track my carbs, protein and fats and the results have been amazing. — Jeanne

“I started losing again without feeling hungry”

I had been dieting for years and could no longer make my weight budge despite eating low calories. I began to eat more like Ted recommended. After a few weeks, my metabolism began to recover and I started losing again without feeling hungry! — Krizia

Life-changing weight loss or body recomposition

15 lbs fat loss and 10 lbs muscle gain

I read your Gain Edition book. I lost 15 pounds in 6 months and gained great muscle definition. I felt a little too skinny at 132. I increased my macros to help with building muscle. I am now at 142 and very happy.
— Tiesha

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