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Why are Diet and Exercise Such Hard Work?

By Ted KallmyerUpdated November 20, 2022

Have you made any of these comments?

  • I’m working so hard and only losing a pound a week.
  • With all my hard work – I should be doing better!
  • Is this worth all the hard work that I’m putting in?

Let’s break down these thoughts and put them in perspective.

Otherwise, the “hard work roadblock” can make you give up.

1. Any counter-culture pursuit is hard work

Think of a salmon.

It swims upstream, against the current flow, to reach its goal of spawning where it was born.

It has to swim for days or be swept downstream right back to where it started.

Our culture is like the river.

The flow of the current is to eat a lot of food, eat food that isn’t healthy, and sit around as much as possible.

Everything about our culture makes it easy for us to be lazy and gain weight.

Our food portions, restaurants on every corner, smartphones, and endless content to watch on TV.

Do you want your future to be like this?

If everyone gave up, gave in, and flowed with the current – everyone would be obese, no one would walk anymore, and no one would even go outside.

When you decide to eat healthier and lose weight, you are going , whichhe flow and that is hard work.

You are mething that is counter-cultural.

You are taking the road less travelled. Tmore challengingth is, the harder path but you are worth what this path will bring you.

2. You are working against your own body

S,everal years ago scientists came up with the theory of set point weight.

This is the weight that your body prefers and where it usually stays the majority of the time.

When you start counting macros you are placing your body in a calorie deficit.

  1. Your body responds by releasing more hormones so that you’ll start eating more again.
  2. These hormones are powerful and even alter your thoughts and mood.

Pushing through that period when your body is fighting you is hard work.

You have to be diligent and use a lot of positive self-talk to keep the healthy eating momentum going. 

The good news is set point can be reset. But it takes some hard work.

3. Why, oh why, are you doing this?

  • Do you want to look good for an event,
  • Or fit into a piece of clothing?

I will be the first to tell you that hard work is not worth it.

All your hard work will be rewarded with gaining all the weight back once the event is over or when swimsuit season is over.

The best reason to lose weight and exercise is to increase your overall health and longevity.

People who are at a healthy weight, eat healthily, and exercise – live longer, spend fewer days in the hospital, and are on fewer prescription medications.

If this is your focus, then the quest becomes ongoing.

4. The reality check

A long-term goal takes perseverance, dedication, and hard work because it is going against culture and your body.

This is something that you will work at for the rest of your life.

It will become easier as habits change but it will always be work.

Making this perspective shift is so powerful because it shifts weight loss from being the be-all and end-all to just an added benefit of a healthy lifestyle. 

Focus on feeling better, stronger, more positive, and less on what the scale is reading each week.

5. With weight loss, the journey is never linear

There will be ups and downs and plateaus.

Focusing on being the healthiest that you can be will carry you through all of those ups and downs. 

You are worth more than just a number on a scale, you are worthy of a healthy, long, and happy life.

Give that gift to yourself. Do the work, and reap the lasting health benefits. 

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