A Short Guide To Interval Training (aka HIIT)

interval training HIIT

Have you considered Interval Training as a way to burn calories as part of the Flexible Diet?

For years I thought cardio was the holy grail of fat loss.

Just simply go run a 5k, go for a bike ride or do a group fitness class and you were that much closer to a 6-pack. Skip those things and it was your funeral (…maybe literally).

While I now feel more educated and definitely see the great benefits of cardio, my views have changed.

I’ve found cardio, of any kind, is not a necessity of weight loss but rather a tool. Doing cardio is great for cardiovascular health but in terms of weight loss it is simply a way of achieving a calorie deficit, which is the key to losing weight.

Cardio for weight loss is typically only as useful as the number of calories it burns.

If on Monday you go on the stairmaster for 30 mins and burn 360 calories and then on Tuesday you do 45 mins of running and burn 550 calories, which day was more effective? Typically, it’s the day you burnt the most calories.

What is HIIT?

Simply put, interval training is physical training consisting of alternating periods of high and low intensity activity.

HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) seems to be taking the world by storm as a more effective and efficient alternative to the sometimes boring and time-hungry steady state cardio.

With Interval Training, because you’re varying energy output and intensity, you can burn just as much (and sometimes more) calories with a lower time investment than typical cardio. Workout for 60 mins or just 15 mins?

If you choose to have cardio in your fitness routine then I ultimately suggest you do whatever you enjoy the most, because it’ll be the thing you stick with. But I’d also encourage you to give HIIT a try.

There’s nothing quite like getting your butt handed to you by a short, sharp 8 minute workout.

Examples of Interval Training Workouts

Large infographic of different HIIT workouts
Source: Fix.com

A 15 Minute HIIT Workout

Have you tried Interval Training? What are some of your favorite workouts?